Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The air in my room was hot and thick. Music softly played in the background, as a fan hummed, and tried to create a cooler breeze. I tried to focus on what I was doing, but the tingle in my cunt begged for my attention. I was not going to deny myself the pleasure since you arent around.
I pulled up a story on my laptop screen, spread my legs, grabbed my toy and got comfortable. My body melting into the blankets and matress. My head sinking into my satin pillows. My hand trailed down to that familiar place as I powered on the toy, and softly dragged it to my clit. I read the words on the screen, but the images in my head were of you. Your hand around my throat, your cock inside me, your body against mine.
"Please fuck me! Use me to get yourself off," I moaned to absolutely no one. I craved your nails digging into my flesh. Your fingers twisting my nipples full way around. The feeling of your cock ripping me wide open. By that time the words were forgotten. A movie danced against the lids of my closed eyes, and we were the key players.
With no warning at all, a powerful orgasm swept over me. Almost as suddenly, emotions welled up within me. The orgasm was forgotten as all I could do was cry. In that single moment, it was quite evident.
I'm in love with you...