Monday, June 13, 2011

The Window

Of course I saw you peeking in my window.  Your sweaty face made a squeaky noise as you tried to slide across the glass, so as not to miss a damn thing.
Frankly, I don't blame you.  I mean, I would do the same thing had I been doing yard work, and happened to hear noises of pleasure from a window.  A window 2 feet above where you were kneeling, pulling weeds innocently enough, so that you could plant my herbs.  Well, did you like what you saw?  Were you surprised to see my zaftig body, haphazardly splayed limbs, brown skin glistening with sweat as amber colored afternoon sunlight peeks  through my curtains, while you gazed in deafening silence?
Was there a stirring in your pants as you watched one of my hands furiously rubbing my clit, as the other was content to thrust a toy deep into my cunt?  Were your ears shocked to hear the filthy language spilling from my lips as I coached myself to inch closer to cumming?  I  bet you never thought you would have guessed the quiet girl, whos  yard you tend, loved to be called a slut, or whore, among other things, as she imagined a large manly hand closing in and around my pretty little throat.
I had an inkling that you enjoyed my show when I could hear you moan.  Just hearing that animalistic groan soaked my pussy to the core.  It pushed me closer to the  edge, and clear across the county.
Though your view was obstructed, I wanted you to  see the way the cum poured from me and trickled down to the bed beneath my generous ass.  I am sure you noticed me shaking, trembling, and trying to maintain composure as aftershocks shot from my entire pussy, and exploded violently into the rest of my limp, ravaged body.  Pretending to be watched is hot.  Knowing I am being watched, and devoured by someone's eyes as I trace my finger tips over familiar territory gets  me on a high.  Even the most successful dealer can't peddle this shit on the streets.
As I lay, now swaddled in my blanket, on the brink of passing out from my post-orgasmic bliss, I wonder if you'll notice my front door is ajar...

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Tie me down.  Hurt me.  Use my body for your pleasure.  Then hold me as I fly back down, and the light from the window caresses our bodies.  Just let me feel my place again...