Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Between A Rock And A Hard Cock

Our conversations had been hot and heavy for days now.  Talks of the parts of me he wanted.  Needed.  Craved.  Mainly my mouth, cunt, and how he wanted to utterly obliterate my ass.  I was scared, yet turned on.  I don’t know about him, but I practically frothed at the mouth with every text he sent about all that he had in store.  And then, the night came. 

I was informed to bring myself, and the doctor’s office grade lube that I had on hand. I waited and waited for the time when he would text me to let me know he was off work, and for me to start the drive.  I got about 3 minutes from home, saw some road kill, and thought “SHIT!  I forgot the fuckin lube!”  One quick U-Turn later, I was heading back home to pick it up.  Anyways, I got back home snatched it off the bed (where I had stupidly left it while switching for a smaller purse) and zoomed back up the highway a little faster than I should to make up for lost time. 

Still, I am nervous as fuck.  I throw on a few tracks from my “Sexy Music” to calm me down, and put me in the right head space.  Which I mean, if you have seen this man, you would know I have NO issue feeling all sexy with him.  His face just OOZES sex.  His personality.  His mannerisms.  They just scream for me to let him do whatever he wants.

I drop a text that lets him know I am less than 2 minutes from our meeting place.  Short stop lights feel like they take eons to change.  My heart is racing.  There are goddamn pterodactyls in my stomach.   The things the thoughts of him do to me should be criminal.  Seriously.  It drives me crazy.  In a good way! 

I swing my big car into the parking lot, and he is already waiting.  I fumble to grab the things I want to bring, and quickly shuffle through the cold to switch to his car.  We spin off into the night.  To the place that is forever burned into my memory.  In the car, we exchange pleasantries, giggle about random stupidity (I can’t really remember the conversation exactly.  I am in such a fog at that point.)  But our conversations are good.  I like that I can fuck someone that stimulates more than just my cunt. 

He slides the car into park, we exchange a few looks, I sigh sharply, and we trudge from the car to the woods.  It seemed like it took FOREVER to walk that…I don’t even know the distance?  Miles?  Feet?  It felt like forever, me in my flip flops stumbling over dead weeds, and tree roots with nothing but slight moonlight, and my cell phone to (badly) guide my feet. 
Finally, he stops.  I scoot further a few feet to meet him.  He grabs my bag, and sets it on this HUGE rock, planted firmly in front of a low Y shaped tree.  He reaches for my cup, and I (like a brat) grab a few quick sips to quench the dry mouth I have going on.  He grabs my hand and wraps it around his cock, and I gently stroke it, knowing that shortly, it’s going on a very wet ride.   I giggle, and pass him the cup and it too goes on the rock.

Suddenly, he grabs me and pulls me close for a kiss.  I can’t forget, in that moment the way his mouth tasted.  Like cola, and cigarettes.  Intoxicating.  His hands were grabbing, and pulling me closer.  The tension in his pulls suggested that I best not pull away.  Not that I wanted to pull away.  I was under his spell.  Seconds later, he was pushing me down by my shoulders, so I stepped back to step out of my flip flops.  I got as settled as I could on the slightly rough terrain, and my mouth was suddenly filled with that cock that I had been thinking about for the longest time.  The texture of it is inexplicable.  I feel like I know every curve, contour, and vein right about now. 

I start by licking the head.  As much as I want to deep throat him, I need to feel every bit of it just once before I get used the way I have started to enjoy.  My slippery little tongue travels down the shaft, and soon, he and I are connected, nose to pelvis.  He takes that as a sign to start fucking mouth.  And does he ever!  Long, deep strokes.  Strokes full of determination to break past my tonsils, and destroy my throat.  All I can do is grab his thighs, and hold on for the ride.  And occasionally break away to throw up in a patch of leaves and grass.  His hands are grabbing for hair, to give him more leverage for each thrust.  Reaching down my shirt, he takes hold of a bejeweled nipple, and tweaks and twists it hard.  All I can do is groan and squeeze his thighs.  Pulling away just forces him down harder.  It’s not like I need to give this animal any incentive to render me even more breathless than I already am.

I suck that cock like a champ.  Breathless, gagging, but needing more.  I have a good rhythm going.  Suck, swallow, gag, pull off, and get it back in as deep as it goes.  At one point, I was even licking just a tiny bit of his balls.  That’s no small feat with the monster cock that guy is packing.  And I have NEVER been able to do something like that to him.  Grasshopper is learning much!  I pull off for one good breath and get it all in there and enjoy exploring what new things my gag reflex is letting me do, when he pulls me off.

He tells me to stand, and remove my pants.  I struggle to my feet as my head is already swimming from a lack of adequate oxygen.  I feel him pushing me closer to the rock, and a hand pushing my shoulders to bend over.  I lean, and try to get into a comfortable position to give him access to whichever hole he plans to take next.  My pants, which were puddled at my ankles, are stepped out of and discarded to the side.  He pushes me back, spreads my thick thighs further, and positions his cock.  It explodes into my cunt, like a stick of dynamite.  Apparently, I am fairly tight, so he always stretches me out a bit, but the pain from it just turns me on, so I grin, moan, and bear it. 

He thrusts in a few times, pulls out and replaces his cock with a couple fingers.  I look over my left shoulder in enough time to see him leaning down to kiss and nip at my hip.  I am so sensitive, so that obviously makes me wetter.  His fingers retreat, and his cock goes back in.  He is ramming it home.  I am trying to throw my hips back, and avoid snagging a nipple ring on the rock, and keep my balance.  I feel him lean in, and say softly for me to grab the lube.  That he is going to take my ass. 

Here’s the big moment.  There is no turning back.  He is only the second guy to get my ass, and this wasn’t going to be some sweet easy ride down the lazy river.  He was going full force on my ass.  Well as much as he could without breaking my poor little asshole.  The only sounds I hear at this point are the wind blowing, and the squishy sound of his lubed cock and his hand.  He passes me the lube; I hunch back down, and grab the rock and take a deep breath. 

He uses a finger to loosen me up, but damn.  My ass is tighter than my near virginal tight cunt.  Good.  Luck.  After a few strokes of his magic fingers, his huge cock is pushing in.  Hard.  I feel blinding pain, and dizzying pleasure.  I want it to stop, but I need it to continue.  Is that weird? 

The head pops in, and all I can say is “Its bigger than I thought!”  And we laugh over that.  He continues forcing his cock in, and it becomes about him.  I wanted it like this.  Him taking what he wanted.  Him getting his pleasure.  Me…submitting to his needs.  I clung to that rock for dear life, as he started thrusting hard, and digging his fingers into my fleshy hips.  I am panting beneath him and him above me.  The woods are alive with the sound of fucking, grunts, and my muffled squealing.   My torso is on fire from grinding against the rock. 

I am officially at the point where nothing else matters.  The chilly wind, the abrasions on my stomach and chest, the searing pain in my ass.  I just…I need for him to cum.  I need for him to get what he needs from my body.  My only goal is to give him what he needs.  I need to give way to his will.  And I do as he thrusts hard, whispers that he is going to cum, and unleashes what feels like gallons of it into my ass. 

He rests, kisses my hip once more, and pulls out.  I relax, smile, struggle to stand up and sit on the rock to soothe my throbbing ass.  He gently plants a kiss to my forehead, we both dress, and trudge back to the car to carry on with our lives, and drive off into the night. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Window

Of course I saw you peeking in my window.  Your sweaty face made a squeaky noise as you tried to slide across the glass, so as not to miss a damn thing.
Frankly, I don't blame you.  I mean, I would do the same thing had I been doing yard work, and happened to hear noises of pleasure from a window.  A window 2 feet above where you were kneeling, pulling weeds innocently enough, so that you could plant my herbs.  Well, did you like what you saw?  Were you surprised to see my zaftig body, haphazardly splayed limbs, brown skin glistening with sweat as amber colored afternoon sunlight peeks  through my curtains, while you gazed in deafening silence?
Was there a stirring in your pants as you watched one of my hands furiously rubbing my clit, as the other was content to thrust a toy deep into my cunt?  Were your ears shocked to hear the filthy language spilling from my lips as I coached myself to inch closer to cumming?  I  bet you never thought you would have guessed the quiet girl, whos  yard you tend, loved to be called a slut, or whore, among other things, as she imagined a large manly hand closing in and around my pretty little throat.
I had an inkling that you enjoyed my show when I could hear you moan.  Just hearing that animalistic groan soaked my pussy to the core.  It pushed me closer to the  edge, and clear across the county.
Though your view was obstructed, I wanted you to  see the way the cum poured from me and trickled down to the bed beneath my generous ass.  I am sure you noticed me shaking, trembling, and trying to maintain composure as aftershocks shot from my entire pussy, and exploded violently into the rest of my limp, ravaged body.  Pretending to be watched is hot.  Knowing I am being watched, and devoured by someone's eyes as I trace my finger tips over familiar territory gets  me on a high.  Even the most successful dealer can't peddle this shit on the streets.
As I lay, now swaddled in my blanket, on the brink of passing out from my post-orgasmic bliss, I wonder if you'll notice my front door is ajar...

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Tie me down.  Hurt me.  Use my body for your pleasure.  Then hold me as I fly back down, and the light from the window caresses our bodies.  Just let me feel my place again...