Thursday, September 9, 2010

Embracing Me.

My body.
She aint perfect,
But she's mine.

From my wide hips.
The way they mesmerize,
Sway and dip.

To my waist
Gentle and grand,
Bending with grace.

My tender thighs.
Thick, strong, dark.
Adored by many eyes.

Curvy, pudgy torso, soft and warm.
She bears many years,
Of comfort from storms.

Slightly smaller, my breasts.
What more can I say,
But they surely pass the test!

My body.
It isnt a size two.
Never will be either.
And thats fine with me.
I am learning to make peace with
What is God given,
And goddess modeled.


  1. I enjoyed your poem :) I think all women can relate to body acceptance to some extent for sure. Personally, I have experienced being about 60 lbs heavier than my current weight, and how much body image/acceptance can influence sense of self-worth. I'm still not tiny, happily a size 8-10 (ie never will be a 2 either)

  2. I hope most women can relate to that place of inner peace I felt when writing it. Its sense long gone, but I am working to rebuild.